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    Wizard of Oz meets

Indian Crocodile Dundee

Darby Brown is anxious to get her valedictorian speech done at graduation so she could focus on earning a history degree and living life away from high school’s depressing social scene. She never imagines being whisked away in a storm like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.


One thing’s for sure––she doesn’t land on the yellow brick road. Instead she’s held captive by the  Roque tribe. How can her book smarts or brain power help her survive with a tribe that isn’t even mentioned in the history books?


Tokobe’s father went missing five years earlier, and so did half of his Circle of Life Emblem. When Darby shows up with the stone, he frees her against his people’s wishes. He thinks she’ll be able to lead him to his missing father, but she doesn’t even know where she is, much less how the mysterious emblem stuck to her cell phone.


The two find themselves caught in a middle of a tribal feud fueled by betrayal and secrets. The longer Tokobe protects her, the more she questions if her happiness needs to involve more than her academic goals. Darby must find her own courage and open her heart if she’s ever to get home.

Loved this story! I read it all in one day. Fast paced, tugs you right in, giggles and a light romance. Great read as a family or for an individual. I recommended it to all my avid reader-friends!"











"Informative historical mystery about the Dutch Resistance during WW2 and the Nazi invasion. Two lives intertwined by castles, gardens, tulips, romance and more. Danette Hansen's research of Dutch culture, geography, and history are top notch. Great reference to the lives of Anne Frank and Corrie Ten Boom. If you enjoy romance, culture, mysteries, and geneology; this historical mystery is for you. May even motivate you to search your roots and culture. Well done, Danette Hansen."

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