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WWII Historical Mystery

Space Gum Picture Book 

Has gum ever been in space? It has been every other place.

      Astronauts, Stan and Willie, land on a fiery-orange planet. Willie is so worried about aliens and creatures that he chokes. His gum goes flying out of his mouth and then he steps on it. The gum ends up on the planet’s surface.

   As she penned the last word of her poem her brother leaped off the bed.
      “The secret bell,” he whispered, face ashen. “Hide!”
     She slid open the trap door in the false bedframe and quickly crawled in.
     He crouched next to the bed and handed her the warm blanket he had been lying on. She grabbed it and scooted over the rough planks.
     The box’s narrow space was like a coffin–suffocating and dark.
     A floorboard squeaked.
     She couldn’t see the heavy studded boots that clomped over the wooden floor but she knew her brother could see a shadow through the slats.
     Her hands shook so she held them close to her chest and squeezed her eyes shut. Holding her breath didn’t stop the tears from seeping out of the corners of her eyes.
      Would the made bed fool the officer?


      When Annaliese VanLuyk discovers a hidden doily and a mysterious poem dating back to World War II she realizes they aren’t the only hidden secrets waiting in the old Dutch bed and breakfast. Unfortunately, chasing half-forgotten mysteries isn’t how she’s supposed to be spending her time in the Netherlands.Even though she’s of Dutch decent, she’s here to be involved in a international graduate program. But an unshakeable yearning for the past and the timely help of a handsome stranger makes her begin to question if her studies are the real reason she’s in Holland. Unraveling the mystery of these heroic deeds done so long ago may put her at risk of being expelled from her program and losing a career she has always wanted, but could being in the Netherlands be more than a coincidence?

New Release

Fred ran to open the hatch on the underground storage while Mrs. Hopkins fought to keep her flowered dress down. My hair flapped in front of my face. I sprang into action while Fred struggled with the latch. 

“I have to make it home. I can outrun the whirlwind in my car.” I slipped out of Mrs. Hopkins’s grip and ran to my Honda.

Luckily the unlocked door made it easy for me to jump in. Mrs. Hopkins screamed something at me, and then Fred pulled her to safety. I unsnapped the front pocket of my purse for my keys. My hands shook as I turned the ignition. The greenish-black tunnel twirled closer.  

I gunned the engine, but the car didn’t move. I glanced down. “Freak!” The car sat in park. 

In a blink, my vehicle was engulfed in a thick cloud. My screams paled to the boisterous roar vibrating in my eardrums. I tried to shelter them with my hands, but no amount of pressure could stop the savage sounds. I yelled my protest as the car lifted off the ground. My heart sank into my stomach. “I have to get my diploma! I worked much too hard for it.” 

My car spiraled, then tipped sideways. I gripped the steering wheel tightly, but my passenger car door swung open and then disappeared. 

“Nooo!” I yelled, but the force was too strong. The strange abyss swallowed both me and the car. 

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